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Imagen de la página inicial de la revistaThe Revista Colombiana de Psicología (RCP) is a biannual publication in the field of psychology. The journal has been published continually since 1992 by the Department of Psychology of Universidad Nacional de Colombia. The journal aims to reach educational and cultural institutions interested in psychological science, as well as psychologists and students of psychology or related disciplines. The goal of the journal is to increase public knowledge about psychology in Latin America by publishing original, peer-reviewed, articles within the several fields of psychology. In this way, RCP aims at creating a stronger academic community in this field in Latin America and to spread state-of-the-art research agendas at the international level.

RCP publishes empirical and theoretical works that follow the guidelines accepted by the different scientific and theoretical perspectives in psychology and presented as essays, meta-analysis, literature reviews, and empirical studies. The Journal is currently indexed it in the following databases and bibliographic indexes: Lilacs, Bvpsi-co, Clase, Redalyc, Latindex, Publindex, DialnetPsicodoc, Scielo, Doaj, EBSCO,  Scopus and PsycINFO.

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Vol. 33 No. 1 (2024): Revista Colombiana de Psicología

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Published: 2024-04-09

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